DC Locator von aXialyze – der Wegbereiter für die Optimierung logistischer Netzwerke

DC Locator von aXialyze – der Wegbereiter für die Optimierung logistischer Netzwerke


Embedded in our Logistic Network Design Approach, our DC-Locator © is the right tool to deliver the optimal supply chain structure in a focused, timely and cost-efficient manner using on-demand cloud processing power and parallel simulation threading. The DC Locator determines the optimal locations given the demand points entered and the number of DC’s chosen.

Key Features

  • Exceptional visuals like heat mapping allow for easy interpretation
  • Advanced optimization using real road network and multimodal transport
  • Optimize engine using LP Solve
  • Supporting complex multi-tier network models


The logistic network optimization is based on four steps which encompass a focus on cost, service and benefit evaluation to provide a holistic approach. This approach has been proven in various projects to guarantee long-lasting, value-based success.


Data and Cost Analysis


Scenario definition


Network & Flow Simulation


Stress Test


Accelerating your company’s business by optimizing your network and hence supply chain is endorsed by this all-factor-encompassing approach.

On the one hand, the possibility of evaluating different scenarios on the basis of a multivariate enables you to develop an optimized network structure.

On the other hand you are provided with a risk benefit analysis of the different network structures, knowing what risks, benefits and costs your resulting strategy encompassess

“DC Locator is the key to unlock the challenges & value potentials of optimised logistic networks”

Luc P. Maes – Managing Partner

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