Product Information Management at the heart of eCommerce

Product Information Management at the heart of eCommerce


Customers more than ever want reliable, quick information exactly about the products they are searching for. Actually, top reasons why customers quit their purchase besides costs and delivery time are missing information about the product, reviews or the company brand information.

Hence, the management of product information becomes a strategic enable for retaining customers, be it in eCommerce of conventional stores. PIM cannot online streamline your employer’s workload and your company’s product data but produce exact, complete, and personal information that appeals to the consumer’s emotions regardless of the selling space or time. Hence, the product information you generate will form the basis of a quality customer experience.

Agile Data Modelling

Applying the right tool and right techniques allows for product information to be a true leader of storytelling. It is therefore important to understand that PIM systems should be focusing solely on product information and not “hot-data”.

Type of data PIM Other application
Marketing data (descriptions, brand, etc.) X  
Technical specifications of the product X  
Base price (recommended price) X  
Product-related media X  
Complex calculations (discounts, costs, supplier negotiations, sales prices)   X
Real time inventory   X
Graphic data specific to a channel (e.g. website graphics)   X
Execution data (logistics, warehouses...)   X
Product life cycle (BOM)   X


Expand your product catalogue

Spend less time managing your current products and more time integrating new ones.

Improve time-to-market

Reduce product distribution time by up to 70%.

Increase Conversion

Providing consumers with high-quality product experience can improve conversion rate and average basket size by up to 6%.

Reduce product returns

Accurate and complete data can reduce the probability or return by at least 10%.

Improve productivity

Deliver more products with fewer resources to improve your productivity by more than 50%.

Enter new markets with ease

Enter new markets through localized and contextualized product experiences.

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